Pretty Architecture presents: Glass houses S2E5

The Villa Sterk is a 5,059sqft home located in Bentebok, The Netherlands, just north of Heerenveen. Designed by Inbo, the home is a modern composition of concrete finished with a natural white stone or stucco. 

High efficiency glazings allow for long expanses of windows to enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape while the heat and cold storage in the ground removes the necessity for gas. 

The architects also designed the home with a series of long narrow strips of solar collectors in the landscaped garden to reduce the home’s footprint on the environment.




Zacatitos 04 Campos Leckie Studio

"This project is an exploration of the modernist pavilion in an extreme desert context. The site is a west-facing rocky knoll with distant views of a volcanic mountain ridge to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the south. The organization of the architectural program is used to create a passive solar response to the constraints of a challenging site and modest construction budget."